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beads and jewelry dating from antiquity to the present and specializing in the tribal

           My pages of ethnic and ethnographic beads and jewelry are an expression of my passions, and a result of an interest that I developed over time...  I  am a former bead store proprietor (8 years spent behind the counter of my retail store) who has, over time, become enchanted with the ancient, the tribal, the symbolic, the cryptic and the eclectic.  I have become a passionate investigator of the hand made, whether from thousands of years in the past, or from artisans of today....  and I have grown to be amazed at the wonderful objects it is possible to acquire.

           One of the rewards of owning ancient Roman beads, an Egyptian amulet, 19th Century African trade beads, a Yemeni silver bracelet, a Precolumbian stone pendant from the Americas or ancient stone beads from Irian Jaya is the knowledge that the same thing that you hold in your hand was worn and held important by a chain of owners extending back to its original manufacture.  The respect and admiration for the art and history of the piece exists within the new owner.

           Eye beads were used to ward off evil spirits, amulets protected the wearer from harm, charms and mementos and talismans had a very special, very important personal and mystic function for the owner that becomes infused into each piece and transformed by the modern owner into something personal of their own.

           Instead of languishing in insulated museum cases, it is wonderful to see these things loved, cherished, touched and brought back to life again.

           I finally have enough resources so that I can not only collect, but sell to other collectors...  If you are interested in personal embellishment and adornment, in ethnic and ethnographic jewelry, in ancient lives and past arts, then please continue and browse through some of my pages.  I hope that the tour intrigues and interests you...  This is my virtual bead store, and like any proud proprietor, I am here to answer any and all of your questions that I can, so please look through my pages and stop in to have a conversation if you like...

          (please remember to RELOAD or REFRESH your browser each time you visit so you don't miss any of the latest additions...  and do stop by often as you can never tell when new items will be added...)

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